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We are WordPress aficionados. Devoted to web development, we'll simplify your workflow.
We're currently available for any WordPress gig!

So many people go online and sign up for this and sign up for that, thinking that money can be earned quick and easy. Perhaps it can in some instances (It’s never happened for me though), but building a lasting business takes time and effort.

I like that you point the focus to content. I am learning, thanks to PlugKingTeam, that while there are many ways to spend my time promoting my business, content must be at the top of the list. Being realistic about income and success is vital to one’s ability to persevere and keep moving forward even when it doesn’t look like you’re making progress.

WordPress, web design, and online marketing are the topics I like and that I have written about the most. Consider working with me if you need a content creator to write complex reviews of tech services and products. I like to test them from top to bottom.

I am not a native English speaker. I fully understand clients who ask for native English speakers, but I am not. You can’t choose your native language, but you can master a foreign language. In my defense, you should know that I have created content for clients based in the UK and the USA.

Here at PlugKing, we want to explore new ideas on a whim.
Try new things that haven’t been done before, and do those that have been done but in our own way. We want to be free from conventional business pressure and other bindings that come with working with clients.

We create WordPress products & contents. And we’re having fun while doing it!

If you are interested in working with me or simply getting in touch, let’s connect.


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