Enhanced Media Library Alternatives


No platform is likely to work seamlessly. While WordPress ranks the top among most popular content management systems (CMS), it still poses some minor aspects to be improved.

One of the issues that exist for a long term among WordPress user base lies in its media library. Default WordPress media library provides no folder whatsoever for organizing uploaded files. All media are just accumulated in the same folder ‘uploads’ in web server files.

enhanced media library plugin
Enhanced media library plugin by wpUXsolutions

The earliest plugin troubleshoots this problem is Enhanced Media Library. With its initial release in 2013, it has gained much interest and attracted a huge amount of WordPress webmasters. The downside to this plugin is that it’s no longer supported by the original author team. That’s why Enhanced Media Library plugin is not compatible with WordPress core update as of 2019.

Fortunately, there are still other alternatives to Enhanced Media Library that can do the job just fine. Let’s dive in to see how much these plugins/addons/code scripts could be of value to you.

1. Mirror repo of Enhanced Media Library WordPress plugin

Despite not being an official version for EML plugin, this code script can handle some core problem of compatibility. This git can be used for patching.

This method requires some tweaking effort and is not highly recommended for non-coders. However, if you manage to do it properly, this source will help fix backbone compatibility for WordPress 5.3 with Enhanced Media Library.

Review Code

2. WP Media Folder Addon

joomunited wp media folders plugin

WP Media Folder plugin by JoomUnited can help you manage all media files and galleries efficiently. It has various functionality of search, filter, cloud storage, sort and galleries which can’t turn you down.

With all these hot features, the price of $29 for multiple domains and multiple sites’ lifetime use is indeed a big bargain. If you run a big corporate you can upgrade to the premium package which includes Cloud integration features.

Photographers and graphic designers who has a large client base must love Lightroom compatibility and these Cloud integration abilities such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, etc.

wp media folders sort feature

What I appreciate the most is JoomUnited plugin’s coherent performance which reflects well via its UI/UX and operation flows.

Other cool features that we can’t ignore:

  • Color-coded folders
  • Insert image gallery with many options
  • Add remote video feature
  • Advanced sorting and filtering
  • Import/Export media library
  • Great and clear documentation

See Plugin Documentation

3. Happy Files

happyfiles - enhanced media library alternative

Judging by its own WordPress plugin logo, we can see HappyFiles seem to be an easy guy to go with. And that’s true. This plugin adds not much fancy designs into the folder sidebar, so the very basic icons of folders and files remain closely familiar to all WordPress beginners.

happyfiles plugin with clean interface

The downside to HappyFiles free version is that it offers 10 folders only. And if you want to exceed that limit, you have to upgrade to its starter pack for 1-site lifetime use for $19. So if you’re not planning to have a bunch of domains just yet, HappyFiles could be an affordable entrance option.

You can also adjust which user roles have the right of make changes to or create new folders.

Loving features:

  • Friendly UI
  • (PRO only) Preview SVG uploads (default media library doesn’t show thumbnails for this file type)
  • Right click on any files to see its folder info

Download Plugin

4. FileBird

Same to the above Happy Files plugins, but not exceed the premium features of JoomUnited’s WordPress media library addons, FileBird is a good enough script of alternative to Enhanced media library.


This is a straightforward plugin just to do the right job of organizing all uploads in to categories/folders. FileBird doesn’t offer high-end cloud integration features but it does provide a smart way to import folders and categories which were previously created during the use of Enhanced media library plugin by wpUXsolutions. Other Real media library plug-in or WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry users can migrate easily to FileBird using this import feature, too.

Other key features:

  • Smart context menu to see options for each folder
  • Drag and drop smoothly
  • Gutenberg block of FileBird Gallery available
  • Excellent sorting and filtering
  • Highly compatible with other themes and plugins

Download Plugin

Some Final Words

Managing a WordPress website means to have to handle a large amount of content including text, images, videos, documents or audio files. Choosing the one that is mostly beneficial to you and your media uploads can be hard, so I would recommend you to try some plugins which contribute the free versions on WordPress.org or offer a free trial. When you feel it’s really made for you, then go for it! Upgrade is always rewarding in the long-term use.

I hope you can find from the above list an appropriate plugin for your own needs. If you do, please share your thoughts in the comment box below. I can’t wait to see how you apply these plugins into your daily WordPress admin tasks!


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